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One of the most common types of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians is a backover accident. Although many vehicles are now equipped with backover cameras, they do not guarantee that the driver will see obstructions, bicyclists, and pedestrians that may be in the car’s path. Also, just because a vehicle has a backover camera does not mean that the driver may forgo the requirement of looking over his or her shoulder to ensure that the way is clear. Unfortunately, in most cases, the victims of backover accidents tend to be children and elderly individuals over the age of 70. These collisions often occur in driveways, parking lots, schools, and other areas where backing up is common. Columbia car accident attorney Matt Uhrig has assisted many injured individuals with seeking compensation for their harm, and he is ready to guide you through the process.


To obtain compensation for any injuries sustained and costs incurred in a backover accident, you must establish the elements of a negligence claim. In general, this requires the plaintiff to show that the defendant owed him or her a duty of care, failed to act in accordance with that duty, and caused the accident and the victim’s injuries as a result of this failure. Whenever we get behind the wheel, we have a duty to handle our vehicles with the ordinary care that a reasonable driver would use. In the situation of backing up, this includes ensuring that the path is clear, backing up at a safe speed, and using signals when appropriate. Checking to verify that the path is clear of bicyclists, motorcyclists, children, and other individuals is a basic precaution that everyone should take and also a requirement imposed by traffic laws. If a plaintiff can show that the defendant failed to adhere to a traffic rule at the time of the accident, this probably will prove that the defendant breached the duty of care.

After proving that the defendant was negligent, a backover accident victim must then show that this negligence caused his or her injuries and provide evidence supporting the damages that he or she is seeking in the lawsuit. These often include lost income and earning capacity, the costs of medical treatment, and the pain and suffering that the victim experienced. When a child is hurt in a backover accident, the parents may need to bring a claim on behalf of the child as a guardian ad litem. This legal designation entitles the parents to make legal decisions on behalf of the child’s interests.


The harm that results from backover accidents may be devastating and life-altering. At the Law Offices of Matt Uhrig, we provide each client with personalized, aggressive, and experienced legal counsel during this difficult time. Proudly serving victims and their families in many Missouri communities, such as Ashland and Jefferson City, Columbia car accident lawyer Matt Uhrig offers a free consultation to help you learn about the rights and remedies that may be available to your family and you. Call us at 573-657-2050 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with a motor vehicle collision attorney.

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