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Common Car Accident Injuries


A car accident does not need to be catastrophic to permanently affect a victim’s life. Even collisions that occur at low speeds are capable of causing serious and long-lasting injuries. The Law Office of Matt Uhrig is comprised of car accident attorneys dedicated to helping Columbia residents who have been hurt by a negligent driver. Whether you suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury, or broken bones and bruising, you may be entitled to compensation under Missouri law.


Some common car accident injuries include whiplash, paralysis and other spinal cord damage, concussions and traumatic brain injuries, broken and fractured bones in the limbs or torso, severe burns, and sprains. A person harmed by a careless individual or entity can try to hold that defendant accountable by filing a negligence lawsuit in Missouri state court. To prevail in a typical claim under this theory, the accident victim must prove that:

  • The defendant owed the victim a duty of care;
  • The defendant breached the duty with some careless action;
  • This breach directly caused the victim’s injuries; and
  • Quantifiable damages arose as a result.

All drivers on Missouri roads owe each other a duty of reasonable care, which means that they must act with the degree of precaution that an ordinary driver would use in a similar situation. Failing to yield, texting while driving, and driving drunk are just some common examples of how a person might breach this duty. It is designed to hold people and entities accountable for engaging in needlessly risky behavior that could foreseeably endanger others around them. Causation requires proof that the victim would have avoided injury but for the defendant’s behavior and that the accident was a foreseeable consequence of the breach.

In addition to compensation for physical pain and suffering, plaintiffs may also seek compensation for their financial losses. Examples of these economic damages include lost wages, medical expenses, the costs of future treatment, and repairs to a vehicle.

Missouri’s statute of limitations for negligence actions is five years. This means that injured individuals must file a negligence lawsuit within five years of an accident. Filing outside this time runs the risk of the case being dismissed without any chance to recover compensation. If the victim’s harm is unknown, the time limit may be tolled, but this is rare. You should consult an experienced attorney as soon as you discover that you have been hurt to help increase the likelihood that you may be able to recover compensation.


If you were hurt by a negligent driver or other entity, you may have rights to assert under Missouri law. No matter the extent of your harm, you could possibly be entitled to compensation. The injury lawyers at the Law Office of Matt Uhrig have guided residents of Jefferson City, as well as Ashland, Columbia, and other Missouri communities, through the process of pursuing appropriate compensation from any parties that may be responsible for causing an accident. To schedule a free consultation, call (573) 657-2050 or visit our contact page.

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