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Personal Injury


Being involved in a serious accident is a devastating experience. For some victims, the injuries and disruption to their lives are so severe that they may not fully recover. While no amount of compensation can alleviate the pain caused by an avoidable accident, it can help you cope with the financial costs associated with your injuries while ensuring that you have the support you need. Columbia personal injury lawyer Matt Uhrig provides Missouri residents with experienced and compassionate legal counsel. We are ready to help you seek compensation for the harm that your family and you have suffered.


Some of the most common types of personal injury cases arise from negligence by drivers, property owners, doctors, or companies that provide products to consumers. While the factual circumstances are different in each case, the legal elements of a claim often are similar.

To recover damages from a negligent person or entity, you must show that this party owed you a duty of care and failed to act according to that duty. In the context of driving, for example, motorists owe people in their vicinity a duty to use reasonable care and skill behind the wheel. This includes refraining from distracted driving activities and obeying all applicable traffic regulations. If a driver engages in behaviors like texting while driving, gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, or fails to yield at an intersection, the duty of care likely has been breached.

Meanwhile, property owners are expected to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition, conducting any inspections that would be appropriate and fixing or warning of hazards that they find. Businesses are also often held accountable for making repairs or providing warnings of conditions about which they reasonably should have known, even if they were not actually aware of them. Doctors are expected to take the same actions that a competent doctor in the same specialty would take when treating a similarly situated patient. Companies must design products that are not unreasonably dangerous to consumers and ensure that their products are manufactured according to their intended specifications, as well as providing warnings about any risks involved with using them.

The plaintiff must also show that the defendant’s negligence caused his or her injuries and provide evidence supporting the amount of compensation that he or she is claiming in the lawsuit. Depending on the situation, a wide range of economic and non-economic forms of compensation may be available. These may be designed to account for the victim’s pain and suffering as well as economic costs and losses like lost income and earning capacity, medical and therapy expenses, and damage to the victim’s property.


The legal system is designed to help victims cope with the physical, emotional, and financial burdens that usually result from accidents. Knowing which types of claims to assert, which parties to name as defendants, and whether to accept a settlement offer can be difficult decisions, especially when you are coping with a debilitating injury. Columbia personal injury attorney Matt Uhrig can stand by you through every step of your claim and ensure that you receive the compassionate and personalized legal representation that you deserve. We offer a free consultation to victims throughout Missouri, including in Ashland, Jefferson City, and Columbia. Call us now at (573) 657-2050 or contact us online to set up an appointment with a car accident attorney or seek guidance with another type of personal injury claim.

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