Car and Truck Accident Injuries

Columbia is Missouri's fourth-most populous urban area and its bustling activity unfortunately leads to incidents of carelessness like car accidents.

Motor vehicle collisions can alter your life and the lives of your loved ones. Let’s work together to reduce your stress and advocate for your right to compensation.

Hold negligent drivers accountable

The question isn’t if you need a personal injury attorney for a car accident, but how can we help your family get back on their feet afterward? Let’s work together to reduce your stress and advocate for your right to compensation.

When should you hire an attorney after an accident?

If you’re asking, then the time might be now.

Before you speak to the other party's insurer, we highly recommend consulting with an attorney to investigate your case. Get the legal treatment you deserve and avoid being intimidated by other people’s representation.

What you can expect from a car accident settlement

Most costs arising from Missouri car accidents must be paid by the liability insurance of the driver who caused the harm. Unfortunately, the at-fault driver's insurance carrier will look for ways to hold you partially or fully responsible for the accident.

For example: If the jury awards $200,000 and assigns 60% of the fault to a speeding driver who collided with another vehicle who failed to stop at an intersection, the person who failed to stop will be able to recover up to $120,000. He or she will be responsible for $80,000 of the damages.

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Sometimes a minor collision can turn into a major problem

"Alan Johnson was stopped at a round-about on Business Loop 70 in Columbia, Missouri when he was rear ended by the Defendant.

As often happens, there was minimal damage to Alan's vehicle, even though his car lurched forward several feet upon impact. Alan felt his back tighten up, but he thought the pain would go away. That night, Alan had trouble sleeping. His back pain grew worse. Alan went to the emergency room the next morning and it became clear that his back was severely injured. State Farm, the Defendant's insurer, offered Alan a few thousand dollars to settle his claim, but facing mounting medical bills and a future back surgery, Alan refused to settle. Instead, Alan hired Matt Uhrig.

Matt and his team filed suit and demanded the Defendant's $50,000 policy limit. State Farm refused and the case was later mediated. State Farm ended up paying $75,000, which was $25,000 over the Defendant's policy limits.

Protect yourself by consulting with a personal injury attorney in Columbia