Car and Truck Crash Injuries

Columbia is Missouri's fourth-most populous urban area and its bustling activity unfortunately leads to incidents of carelessness like car accidents.

Motor vehicle collisions can alter your life and the lives of your loved ones. Let’s work together to reduce your stress and advocate for your right to compensation.



Hold Negligent Drivers Accountable.

Most costs arising from Missouri car accidents must be paid by the liability insurance of the driver who caused the harm.

However, there are many cases when more than one person contributed to the crash. In Missouri, an injured person can recover damages from the defendant only to the extent of that defendant's fault. The recovery award will be reduced in proportion to the victim’s degree of responsibility.

For example, if a driver is speeding and collides with another car that failed to stop at an intersection, resulting in an injury, the speeding driver may be sued for damages. However, that person may assert that the individual who failed to yield was also negligent.

If the jury awards $200,000 and assigns 60% of the fault to the speeding driver, the person who failed to stop at the intersection will be able to recover up to $120,000. He or she will be responsible for $80,000 of the damages.

What If Multiple Parties Are at Fault?

It’s always wise to sue anyone who may be responsible for a car accident. If you’re found to bear less than 51% of the responsibility, you will only be held responsible for the percentage of fault that the jury attaches to you.

This means that a defendant who is 51% or more at fault can be held accountable for paying the entire judgment, even though he or she is not 100% responsible for the harm.

Discuss Your Car Accident Claim with a Columbia Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a car accident near Columbia, protect yourself by consulting an attorney.

Unfortunately, the at-fault driver's insurance carrier will look for ways to hold you partially or fully responsible for the accident.

Before you speak to the other party's insurer, retain your own attorney to investigate the case. Get the legal treatment that you deserve and avoid being intimidated by other people’s representation.



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