Columbia Failure to Yield Accidents

Car Crash Lawyer Protecting the Rights of Columbia Residents

Columbia is a hilly college town in Boone County, Missouri. Its population of about 115,000 is largely employed in the healthcare, insurance, and education sectors. The city is known for progressive politics, and it is a center of culture and athletic competition in Missouri. The state's only NCAA Division I FBS program plays football at Mizzou Arena. Columbia is also home to several technology businesses. Surrounding the city is a sensitive greenbelt that is home to many different forms of wildlife and birds. If you are hurt in the Columbia area due to the negligence of another driver, you should consider speaking with a car crash attorney. Matt Uhrig can help investigate your situation and protect your rights.

Take Legal Action to Seek Compensation

Aggressive driving can lead to a car accident. Many people act as though they always have the right of way and fail to yield even when the law requires it. Sometimes a failure to yield is the result of drunk driving. In Missouri, a facility that serves alcohol to an already intoxicated person, who subsequently causes an accident, can be held responsible for the resulting harm.

After a failure to yield crash, you can sue to recover compensation for all your losses, both economic and noneconomic. An experienced attorney can explore the full range of your damages. It can take some time for all your injuries to fully manifest. You may be able to recover medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, lost income, mental anguish, and pain and suffering.

Your spouse also may be able to recover loss of consortium in Missouri. This is a claim that a husband or wife brings against the negligent party when his or her spouse suffers a devastating injury, changing the nature of the marital relationship. For example, if a wife is left a quadriplegic because the defendant failed to yield, the husband can hold the driver accountable for the harm caused to his wife. The jury will determine the amount that can be recovered based on the loss of support, comfort, companionship, and services. For example, part of the claim might be the loss of sex. If the wife has lost mental capacities, part of the husband's claim might arise from the loss of comfort and support.

It is unusual for punitive damages to be awarded in car accident cases, but they may be appropriate when a defendant has behaved egregiously. Unlike compensatory damages that are intended to make a victim whole, an award of punitive damages is intended to punish the defendant and deter similar future conduct. It usually requires the injured person to show the defendant had a conscious disregard for the safety of other people. Missouri caps punitive damages at either $500,000 or five times the net amount of the judgment, whichever sum is greater. Half of any punitive damages award must be turned over to the state's tort victim's compensation fund.

Discuss Your Auto Accident Case with a Columbia Attorney

If you are hurt in an auto accident near Columbia or elsewhere in Boone County, the injuries may be devastating. A lawyer can help you take action to assert your right to compensation. In many cases, a driver who failed to yield will deny his or her liability. It is important to have a tenacious advocate on your side. Contact the Law Office of Matt Uhrig at (573) 657-2050 or via our online form.

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