Delivery Vehicle Accidents

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Each year, there are thousands of accidents involving delivery trucks that result in fatalities. Even if an accident does not result in a fatality, a victim is often left with catastrophic injuries, due to the immense size of delivery vehicles. In most cases, these flatbed trucks, vans, and other vehicles are carrying extremely heavy loads or are attempting to navigate narrow city streets and driveways. If one of these trucks collides with a standard passenger vehicle, the physical, financial, and emotional harm that results may be devastating. Columbia truck accident lawyer Matt Uhrig can help you investigate your options and assert your rights after a delivery truck crash.

Establishing Liability for a Delivery Vehicle Accident

A delivery vehicle accident usually leads to a personal injury case. To obtain damages, the injured person must prove that the defendant was negligent at the time of the crash. Negligence is a legal concept that refers to the level of care that someone must exhibit in a certain situation. When it comes to a delivery vehicle driver, they must operate the vehicle with the same level of prudent care that a reasonable person would use if they were in that position. In some cases, delivery vehicle drivers make money based on the number of deliveries that they make in a day or the volume of each delivery. This often results in unnecessary and unsafe hurrying, leading to careless mistakes like failing to yield the right of way, speeding, or failing to check that the way is clear before backing up. Other delivery drivers may be unnecessarily fatigued, making them careless and lessening their response time. Traffic laws also play a role in determining whether a driver was negligent. If they violated a traffic law at the time of the crash, the plaintiff can use that evidence to illustrate that the defendant used inadequate care.

After showing that the defendant’s conduct fell below the applicable standard of care, the plaintiff must show that there is a causal link between this failure and the accident. This means that the defendant’s use of proper care probably would have prevented the crash. A jury may also consider whether the plaintiff acted negligently at the time of the crash and whether they contributed to their own injuries. The last step of a negligence claim requires the plaintiff to offer evidence supporting the specific types of damages that they incurred. Medical expenses are a common example, especially in cases involving large vehicles that cause severe injuries. Other examples include missed paychecks, lost earning capacity, and diminished quality of life.

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