Improper Merging Accidents

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Missouri roadways can be dangerous when drivers fail to take the proper precautions. We all know that car accidents are one of the most common ways to get hurt, but not everyone understands the many different ways that accidents can occur and how this affects your ability to recover compensation from a careless or reckless driver. One type of car crash is an improper merging accident. Missouri law imposes numerous requirements on motorists regarding appropriate lane changes, and a driver who fails to adhere to these legal requirements can be held liable for any injuries that you suffer during a resulting collision. At the Law Offices of Matt Uhrig, our Columbia car accident lawyer has provided victims throughout the state with the tenacious and experienced legal counsel that they need. We can assist you with seeking justice after an avoidable improper merging accident.

Assert Your Legal Rights Against a Careless Driver

If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle and believe that the accident occurred as a result of the other motorist’s failure to drive with appropriate care, you can bring a negligence lawsuit against them to seek compensation for any damages that you suffered as a result of the crash. In a negligence action, you must show that the other driver failed to operate their vehicle with the same level of appropriate skill and care as a reasonable driver facing a similar scenario. This standard takes many things into consideration, including the level of traffic that existed at the time of the crash, whether there was severe weather, and whether the defendant breached any traffic laws.

If the plaintiff can demonstrate that the defendant failed to adhere to Missouri’s traffic laws, such as rules governing merging into another lane, the plaintiff will be likely to convince a judge or jury that the defendant was driving negligently. When it comes to lane changes, Missouri law requires drivers to notify surrounding motorists of their intent to change lanes by using a turn signal and to check that the way is clear before engaging in the maneuver. Some of the most common scenarios in which improper lane changes occur are on the highway while traveling at high speeds or in rush hour traffic when drivers are stressed and need to enter or exit a road. Distracted driving, which includes texting or talking on a cell phone, or driving while intoxicated are common reasons for a driver failing to merge properly.

A critical part of a negligence claim is showing that the defendant’s failure to use due care was the cause of the injuries that you suffered. If the defendant can provide evidence indicating that you would have suffered injuries even had they operated their vehicle with appropriate care, this would undermine your case. Obtaining a copy of a police accident report from the incident and obtaining eyewitness testimony can help establish causation.

Finally, although a plaintiff may seek many types of compensation following an accident, they must be able to provide evidence supporting their claim for damages. This usually involves offering medical receipts and bills, physical therapy invoices, medication receipts, and evidence of any missed wages or reduced earning capacity. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you identify the items of compensation that you should seek in the lawsuit and ensure that you make a claim for every dollar that you deserve.

Consult a Seasoned Columbia Attorney Following an Improper Merging Accident

Understanding what to do after a devastating car crash can be confusing and daunting. At the Law Office of Matt Uhrig, we take the stress out of navigating the legal process by ensuring that you receive the personalized legal counsel that you deserve. Representing car accident victims in Ashland, Jefferson City, Columbia, and other areas of Missouri, motor vehicle collision lawyer Matt Uhrig offers a free consultation to discuss your situation and how he may be able to assist you. Call us now at 573-657-2050 or contact us online to set up your appointment.

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