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Legal Guidance for Accident Victims in Jefferson City

Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri and the county seat of Cole County. It is located on the northern side of the Ozark Plateau. Rand McNally named Jefferson City the "Most Beautiful Small Town" in the U.S. in 2013. With a transitional climate between humid subtropical and humid continental climate, thunderstorms are common in both spring and summer. The city has a population of about 40,000 people. Its top employers are the State of Missouri, Scholastic, and Capital Region Medical Center. If you are hurt in a car accident  near the Jefferson City area, an experienced attorney can help you seek the compensation you need. Matt Uhrig has guided many injured individuals through this legal process.

File a Negligence Claim to Pursue Compensation

In Missouri, an injured person must bring a lawsuit within five years of the date of the accident. Although this is the statute of limitations, it is wise to consult an attorney as soon as possible to find out if you have a claim because evidence deteriorates and memories fade over time. It becomes increasingly difficult to prove the elements of negligence, which are the defendant's duty of care, the defendant's breach of duty, actual and proximate causation, and actual damages. Moreover, filing an insurance claim without delay gives you and the insurance company time to negotiate.

Many accidents happen because more than one person behaves negligently while driving. What if you are partly at fault for the crash? Missouri courts follow the rule of pure comparative negligence. When the defense argues that the victim was careless, the jury is required to determine the total damages and apportion liability between the parties. If the jury finds that the damages are $100,000, and you are 40% responsible, you can recover up to $60,000 from any defendant held accountable. In a state that uses pure comparative negligence, you can possibly recover damages even if you are more than 50% at fault.

If you are able to prove the elements of your claim against another driver responsible for the accident, you may be able to receive economic and noneconomic damages. These often extend to medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, repairs to a vehicle, and pain and suffering. In most cases, a recovery for damages is made against the defendant's insurer. Missouri drivers must have automobile liability insurance that offers a minimum of $25,000 in coverage for bodily injuries in an accident, $50,000 per accident for bodily injuries when more than one person is hurt, and $10,000 per accident for property damage.

Discuss Your Car Crash Case with a Jefferson City Attorney

Motor vehicle collisions can be very stressful for their victims. You may not be able to work, or you may have to work when you should be resting. The loss in income while you are incurring bills for medical treatment and enduring significant discomfort can take a tremendous toll on Jefferson City residents and their families. A car crash lawyer can help you seek compensation for your losses in Cole or Callaway County by negotiating a settlement with insurers or taking your case to trial. Contact the Law Office of Matt Uhrig at (573) 657-2050 or by using our online form.

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