Major Rail Hubs in Missouri

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Although railroads are a key part of our transportation system and economy, they may pose a substantial danger to people who work in this industry. In 1908, Congress enacted the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (“FELA”), which provides compensation for railway workers who are injured on the job. Experienced Columbia railroad accident attorney Matt Uhrig has substantial experience handling FELA claims and is ready to represent you in seeking the compensation that you deserve.

The Role of Missouri in Rail Transit

According to a report by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, there are 19 railroads operating in the state. They cover roughly 4,400 miles of track, which encompass approximately 7,000 different private and public crossings. The report also indicates that Kansas City and St. Louis represent the second- and third-largest rail hubs in America, with the Kansas City location servicing more than 300 arrivals and departures each day.

Assert Your Rights through a FELA Claim

There are countless dangers that face railroad workers every day, from fast-moving trains to busy hubs that rely on carefully timed coordination to move trains through. FELA provides a federal system of recovery for railway workers who suffer injuries on the job, and it also provides compensation for their families. The statute offers broad protections for employees, extending to coverage for injuries that occur in situations that may not directly involve trains. The statutes also provide a legal framework governing the conditions that railroad companies must maintain for their workers, especially when it comes to health and safety.

A FELA claim may be initiated either directly with the employer or in a lawsuit filed in court. While the state-based workers’ compensation system is not based on an assessment of fault, FELA claims require the claimant to show that the railroad company, a manufacturer, or a fellow employee acted negligently. In general, negligence means that the defendant failed to act with the appropriate level of care in a given situation, usually judged by how a prudent and reasonable person would have acted in a similar setting. In most cases, the claimant will need to show that the employer failed to provide the employee with a work environment that was reasonably safe and that the worker suffered an injury as the result.

A successful claimant may be entitled to receive compensation for his or her past and future lost wages, medical treatment, and pain and suffering. Family members also may be eligible to receive damages based on their relationship to a loved one who was harmed by negligence in the railroad industry.

Consult an Experienced Columbia Attorney after a Railroad Accident

If you have been hurt while working for a railroad company, you may be entitled to compensation. Columbia railroad accident lawyer Matt Uhrig provides personalized and aggressive legal representation to victims throughout Missouri, including in Ashland and Jefferson City. The FELA process may seem complex and challenging, especially when you are attempting to recover from a sudden, devastating accident. Injury lawyer Matt Uhrig can stand by you throughout the process and fight to ensure that your rights are asserted at each step of the way. Call us at (573) 657-2050 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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