Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Assisting Columbia Accident Victims

Not every attorney is prepared to handle accidents that result in serious injuries. In this type of situation, the victim’s life has been altered permanently, which has dramatic consequences for their quality of life, financial well-being, and family. The assistance of an injury attorney may be critical during this time. Perhaps one of the most damaging types of injuries is paralysis. When this happens, the victim will likely require some level of daily assistance for the rest of their life. This is especially true if the victim suffers a total paralysis of their legs or arms. Suddenly, simple daily tasks like dressing, eating, bathing, or traveling to and from different locations become challenging, if not impossible. Columbia paralysis attorney Matt Uhrig has the experience and dedication to help your family and you seek legal justice if you or a loved one has become paralyzed due to another party’s carelessness.

Common Causes of Paralysis

There are many types of accidents that may lead to paralysis. One of the most common causes is a car accident, especially when it involves high-speed collisions or reckless driving. Depending on the point of impact, the victim may suffer spinal cord damage that may result in immobility. Motorcycle accidents may also result in paralysis, particularly since motorcyclists are exposed to external elements and objects without the infrastructure of a vehicle to protect them. Slip and falls are another common cause of paralysis if the victim injures their spine upon falling. These accidents also happen suddenly and without warning, leaving the victim unable to protect themselves by bracing for the fall.

Regardless of the cause of the paralysis, a plaintiff will be required to show that the defendant acted in a negligent manner in order to collect damages. In general, the standard of negligence requires each of us to use reasonable and ordinary care when going about our daily business. This standard takes into consideration the unique facts of each situation and also incorporates any applicable statutes, laws, or regulations. A paralysis lawyer can help Columbia residents gather evidence in support of a claim.

Recovering Damages for a Paralysis Injury

In any type of personal injury case, the plaintiff will ultimately be required to substantiate the amount of compensation that they are requesting. There are a wide variety of damages that a plaintiff may seek for their paralysis, and in some instances, they depend on the nature of the accident. In most situations, however, the plaintiff will be allowed to recover compensation for any medical expenses associated with the accident, including both past and future costs. Paralysis often requires ongoing and routine medical supervision and care. These appointments, medications, and physical therapy treatments may become costly over time. A financial life care planner may testify as an expert witness regarding the potential costs that the injury will cause the victim to accrue over the remainder of their lifetime.

Also, the plaintiff will be able to seek compensation for their lost wages and loss of earning capacity. If the plaintiff was employed in a physical job, such as construction or delivery, the chances are that the paralysis may prevent them from returning to their line of work. This often requires the plaintiff to retrain for a new career. In some cases, the paralysis is so severe that the plaintiff is unable to work at all. The plaintiff may also seek compensation for pain and suffering, as well as their diminished quality of life.

Additionally, many paralysis sufferers are required to purchase a wide variety of equipment and devices. Common examples include wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and other ambulatory aids. In some cases, the victim may need to make home renovations to make their residence disability-compliant, which may involve constructing ramps or other chairlift devices.

Seek Guidance from a Paralysis Attorney in Columbia or Surrounding Communities

We are prepared to advocate for your family and you as you pursue the settlement or the judgment that you deserve. Although no amount of money will make you whole again, it may help you cope with the financial stress of the accident. Columbia paralysis lawyer Matt Uhrig represents people throughout Missouri, including in Jefferson City and Ashland. He offers a free consultation to help you learn about your legal rights. Call us now at 573-657-2050 or contact us online to set up your appointment if you need a car accident lawyer or assistance with another type of personal injury claim.

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