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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for Injured Employees Near Columbia

The Missouri workers’ compensation system provides a remedy for people hurt on the job. It entitles employees in Columbia and elsewhere in the state to pursue certain types of benefits. The worker’s compensation lawyers at the Law Office of Matt Uhrig can help you if you were partially disabled as a result of an on-the-job accident. You may be entitled to free medical care paid for by your employer as well as a portion of your weekly wages.

Protect Your Rights and Seek Financial Assistance

Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that all employers with five or more employees must purchase. Employers in the construction industry must participate in the program if they have more than one employee. If an individual covered by the insurance is hurt at work, he or she may file a workers’ compensation claim. Once the claim is approved, the employee may collect compensation, the amount of which is determined by the specific type and degree of harm. All injured employees are entitled to medical care paid for by their employer.

In most cases, an employee injured at work cannot hold the employer liable in court, even if the employer was negligent. There may be some exceptions, so consult an experienced lawyer if you were hurt at your job to discuss your available options.

The law describes an employee’s injury in terms of the disability, which is classified as permanent/temporary and partial/total. In other words, an employee’s partial disability can either be temporary or permanent. Each category entitles the employee to certain benefits.

People with a temporary and partial disability have suffered injuries that make them unable to perform certain aspects of their jobs for a limited amount of time. In addition to the medical care to which all disabled employees are entitled, employees with a temporary and partial disability collect a percentage of the difference in wages they earned before the injury and the wages they are able to earn with the injury.

Harm that is more severe may be categorized as a permanent and partial disability. This means that the employee is still able to work, but the injury has affected his or her ability to do some jobs. Workers with a permanent and partial disability are entitled to a flat percentage of their wages at the time of the injury. This payment may be issued as a lump sum, depending on the circumstances.

Although an injured employee does not need an attorney to file a workers’ compensation claim, it is a good idea to seek legal advice if you were hurt at work. An experienced lawyer can work with you to present evidence of your accident or illness. This will help ensure that your disability is accurately categorized and that you assert convincing arguments regarding your eligibility.

Contact an Experienced Jefferson City Lawyer for Your Work Injury Claim

If you were hurt at work, you may have rights. Whether you suffered an injury that left you with a permanent and partial disability or a temporary and partial disability, you may be entitled to compensation and medical care. The Law Office of Matt Uhrig is comprised of work injury attorneys who have fought diligently for injured residents of Jefferson City and other communities throughout Missouri, including Ashland and Columbia. To see if we can help you seek the benefits you need, call (573) 657-2050 or complete our online form.

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