Penetrating Head Injuries

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Sudden accidents can result in devastating injuries. When a catastrophic or permanent disability results, it is essential for the victim to ensure that he or she receives the compensation that will be required for future medical care. If your injury prevents you from returning to your usual occupation, you may also need to seek compensation to help ease the reduced amount of wages that you earn. At the Law Offices of Matt Uhrig, our Columbia brain injury lawyer has witnessed what a family can go through after someone experiences a serious injury. One specific category of injuries that is particularly devastating is a penetrating head injury. Whenever the brain is involved, the injuries and disabilities that result can be life-changing. Matt Uhrig has guided many people injured in car crashes and other accidents through the litigation process and helped them protect their right to compensation.

Causes and Issues Associated with Penetrating Head Injuries

Similar to a closed head wound, a penetrating head injury falls into the category of a traumatic brain injury. This type of wound refers to any damage to specific areas of the brain when a foreign object penetrates the skull. These injuries can occur in virtually any type of accident, but they are very common in motor vehicle accidents. Motorcyclists in particular are prone to suffering penetrating head injuries if they are struck by a vehicle or truck, or thrown from their motorcycle. Bus and truck collisions also can result in penetrating head injuries, due to the massive size of these vehicles. In some situations, accidents on property can lead to a penetrating head injury. If you slip and fall, or are struck by a falling object, you may suffer an injury that ruptures your skull.

A penetrating head injury is life-threatening if the victim does not receive prompt medical attention. If the wound is addressed in time, the victim may still face a lifetime of devastating disabilities. If there was a strong impact associated with the penetration, the individual may face cognitive impairments, such as memory loss, personality changes, depression, trouble sleeping, or chronic headaches. This can make it difficult if not impossible for the victim to return to his or her usual occupation, while significantly reducing his or her quality of life and ability to engage in and enjoy the same activities as before the accident.

Bring a Personal Injury Claim to Recover Damages

If you were injured in an accident involving a penetrating head injury, you are likely facing significant medical bills and other expenses associated with your injury. Missouri law allows accident victims to bring a negligence action against the person who caused the accident to recover compensation. A negligence action can be based on a wide variety of scenarios, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and slip and falls. In this lawsuit, your Columbia personal injury lawyer will need to show that the defendant did not use the requisite level of care and skill at the time of the accident and that this failure caused your injuries. The standard of care that applies depends on the scenario. In a car accident, for example, the standard of care requires drivers to pay attention to the roadway, to refrain from distracted driving habits, and to obey all traffic laws.

Once you prove that the defendant’s lack of appropriate care caused your injuries, the lawsuit will turn to establishing the amount of compensation that you deserve. You can seek compensation for your past and current medical expenses, as well as your estimated ongoing medical care costs. If your injury renders you unable to return to work or forces you to accept a different position with less pay, you can request compensation to offset this financial stress. It can be difficult to predict how much compensation you will require, which is why it is often necessary to retain an expert life care planner to help you ensure that you make an appropriate request.

Get Advice from a Knowledgeable Injury Attorney in the Columbia Area

At the Law Offices of Matt Uhrig, we have seen how devastating a penetrating head injury can be for a victim and his or her family. We can fight vigorously to ensure that you are treated fairly and that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Our team can assist you with gathering evidence, identifying witnesses, negotiating with insurance companies, and more. We proudly serve clients throughout Missouri, including in Ashland, Columbia, and Jefferson City. Call us now at 1-877-657-2050 or contact us online to set up a free consultation with an attorney.

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