Permanent and Total Disability

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Individuals in Columbia

While some job-related injuries prevent an employee from working for a short time, others have serious, lasting effects. In the case of permanent disabilities caused by workplace accidents, most employees in Missouri are covered by their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance policy. If you were permanently and totally disabled at a job in the Columbia area, you may be eligible for medical care and lost wage benefits. A workers’ compensation attorney at the Law Office of Matt Uhrig can help you file a claim for your injuries.

Permanently Disabled Employees Who Cannot Work May Be Eligible for Benefits

Missouri workers who are injured on the job are likely covered by the state’s workers’ compensation system. Employers with five or more employees are required to provide coverage, as are construction industry employers with more than one employee. Workers’ compensation benefits pay for an injured employee’s medical care and compensate for his or her lost wages. In exchange for these benefits, Missouri law prohibits the employee from filing a lawsuit against the employer, even if the employer’s negligence caused the harm.

The benefits available to any given worker depend on the extent of his or her injury. There are two types of benefits available for people whose injuries prevent them from working at all. Individuals who expect to return to work at some point can potentially receive temporary and total disability benefits. Employees whose injuries will likely keep them from working for the rest of their lives may be eligible for permanent and total disability benefits.

Permanent and total disability benefits are comprised of two types of benefits. The first is medical care for the disabling injury. As long as the employee goes to an approved provider, doctor bills, equipment or device costs, and prescriptions are all paid for by the insurance.

The other type of benefit available to workers who are permanently unable to work is payment for lost wages. The payments are generally made on a weekly basis, and the amounts are determined by the worker’s salary and Missouri law. Each payment is usually two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage, and the payments continue for the remainder of the individual’s life. It is also possible to negotiate a lump-sum payment.

Recently passed legislation grants additional benefits to workers who were permanently and totally disabled from exposure to a toxic substance. Injuries that are eligible for these additional benefits are primarily lung diseases and certain types of cancers caused by asbestos, coal dust, and other industrial chemicals.

Explore Your Options after a Workplace Accident with a Jefferson City Attorney

If you were hurt on the job and have become permanently unable to work, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance for medical care and lost wages for the rest of your life. The Law Office of Matt Uhrig has the knowledge and experience to help you file your workers’ compensation claim or appeal your award. Our workplace accident lawyers can help injured individuals in Jefferson City and other Missouri cities, such as Ashland and Columbia, assert their rights to the benefits that they deserve. To schedule a free case evaluation, call (573) 657-2050 or visit our contact page.

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