Jessica's Story: A Case Study

Jessica was a junior in college and was studying finance with the hope of becoming a banker after graduation.

Jessica lived at home with her father to save money, and every day she traveled the interstate to get from her home to school. She was on her way home after class on a Tuesday afternoon when she was run off the road by a semi-truck.

As Jessica merged onto the interstate, the semi-truck pulled next to her in the passing lane. Suddenly the semi-truck came into Jessica's lane. She honked her horn, but the truck kept coming. Jessica applied her brake and drove onto the shoulder to avoid the semi, and as she was forced onto the shoulder, Jessica lost control of her car. Jessica's car turned sideways, went into the grass, and flipped over. In the crash, Jessica was knocked unconscious and fractured her hip. She spent a week in the hospital and incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills.

The police who investigated the crash only talked to the truck driver, who told them that Jessica "must have been trying to illegally pass the truck." Because Jessica was severely injured, she was never interviewed and her side of the story didn't make it into the police report.

Jessica met with three attorneys before she teamed up with Matt Uhrig. Those other attorneys looked at the police report and told Jessica that they couldn't help her. Matt Uhrig listened to Jessica, believed her story, and filed suit. Jessica's case was settled before trial for $275,000.00.

Jessica deserved to have somebody in her corner in her time of need instead of being dismissed and disregarded.

When the unexpected happens, you deserve the same dedication.

Think you’re out of options? Think again.