State Trucking Regulations

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When it comes to traversing the miles of highways and other roads that cross Missouri, one of the biggest risks that we face is from large and often heavy trucks. In order to help make these vehicles safer on our roadways, the Missouri state government has enacted a broad range of regulations that govern how trucks can be operated, who can operate them, and other details. Despite this, there are frequent instances in which truck drivers and trucking companies fail to comply with these regulations, resulting in devastating injuries. Columbia truck accident lawyer Matt Uhrig has assisted many victims of motor vehicle collisions with bringing a claim against a driver or trucking company that is responsible for their injuries. We are ready to do the same for you if you have been struck by a careless commercial driver.

Holding a Defendant Accountable for Violating State Trucking Regulations

Some of the most basic state trucking regulations in Missouri govern the height, width, and length of these massive vehicles. Vehicle length, for example, is limited to 45 feet, subject to some exceptions, while height is limited to 14 feet. Also, trucks are prohibited from following behind other vehicles any closer than 300 feet, while trucks are sometimes prohibited from operating in the far left lane of a highway. In any instance in which a driver or trucking company fails to comply with one of Missouri’s many regulations, and an accident results, the driver or the trucking company can potentially be held liable for the victim’s injuries and resulting costs. Also, Missouri’s trucking regulations incorporate all applicable federal trucking rules, which provide even more requirements regarding how trucks may be operated on roadways.

Commercial drivers are expected to use reasonable care behind the wheels of their big rigs, refraining from engaging in behaviors that endanger others around them. A violation of a state or federal trucking regulation likely would be a breach of this duty, since a reasonable driver would be expected to follow the rules. Proving that a violation occurred thus probably would satisfy the first two elements of a negligence claim brought by a victim after an accident.

After showing that the driver or trucking company has violated a state trucking regulation, the plaintiff must show that the violation was the direct cause of the crash. In some cases, this involves bringing in an accident reconstructionist to recreate what happened and show how adhering to the state regulations would likely have prevented the collision from occurring. After proving that the breach was the cause of the accident, the plaintiff must support the damages that he or she is claiming as a result, such as medical bills, ambulance fees, missed paychecks, or compensation for more permanent injuries and the inability to work again. Non-economic damages for items like pain and suffering also may be available.

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