Tanker Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents are an especially dangerous type of motor vehicle collision, based on the sheer size and weight of these massive vehicles. If you are involved in an accident with a large truck, your changes of suffering devastating, permanent, or even fatal injuries increases. Tanker truck accidents pose a unique type of risk because these vehicles are typically intended to carry and transport gases or liquids in their cargo hold area. Although the size of the tanker truck can vary, their capacity hold usually carries between 11,000 and 34,000 liters of content, which can be anything from gasoline to milk. In some instances, the contents of the tanker truck must also be kept refrigerated or pressurized, adding an additional layer of complexity to the vehicle’s safety and operation. Columbia truck accident attorney Matt Uhrig has seen firsthand how devastating the results of a tanker truck accident can be. He is standing by to assist you with protecting your legal rights.

Victims Have Many Options in Pursuing a Trucker or Trucking Company for Damages

When it comes to driving, everyone has a duty to use due care in the operation and maintenance of a vehicle. In general, this standard of care has been defined by the courts as requiring drivers to use reasonable care and skill, similar to what a prudent person would use when faced with a comparable set of circumstances. When applied in the context of a truck accident, this standard encompasses a variety of additional considerations. One of the most important points to know is that the defendant probably will be found negligent if the plaintiff can prove that the defendant violated a statute or regulation at the time that the collision occurred. In addition to basic traffic laws, such as obeying the speed limit and yielding the right of way, tanker trucks and their drivers are subject to numerous state and federal regulations. These laws cover things such as minimum driver training requirements, driver licensing, how certain chemicals and liquids must be stored in the vehicle, and how often the vehicle must be inspected and serviced.

Also, for many tanker truck transportation companies, the company employs drivers to operate its vehicles. Missouri recognizes the tort doctrine of respondeat superior, which holds employers liable for the negligent acts that their employees commit in the course and scope of employment. This means that if a tanker truck driver fails to use due care, the tanker truck company that employs the driver can also be held liable. In some situations, meanwhile, an accident may occur because of the company’s negligence rather than or in addition to the driver’s negligence. If the company fails to conduct routine maintenance and inspection of its vehicles, and something on the vehicle breaks or malfunctions, resulting in the victim’s injuries, the company can be held directly liable.

If you establish that the tanker truck driver or trucking company failed to use due care, you must show that there is a link between this failure and the injuries that you suffered. Finally, you will want to prove the amount of damages that you are requesting in the litigation. There are many different categories of damages that you are potentially allowed to recover, with a common example being medical bills and expenses. Since tanker truck accidents usually result in catastrophic injuries, such as brain trauma, spinal injuries, paralysis, burns, and broken bones, it is critical that you obtain the compensation that you need to ensure that you can pay for your future medical needs. A seasoned trucking accident lawyer can help you evaluate your claim and ensure that you assert your legal rights to the fullest extent.

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