At the Law Office of Matt Uhrig we are committed to protecting the legal rights of injured clients and pursuing justice on their behalf.

Clients have often conveyed their appreciation for the hard work and successful verdicts and settlements we have won on their behalf. Here is what some clients had to say.



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Jessica’s Story

“My story begins two years ago, starting with the morning I woke up in the hospital after being negligently pushed off the interstate by a moving vehicle that was not aware of my presence. After recovery I found myself needing to make a claim of justice. However, after a thorough search, I realized that finding the ideal attorney to take on my case would be beyond difficult. In fact, I was having trouble finding an attorney who would even take on my case!

Matt ultimately earned me an additional $47,000 on top of what I had already received from the initial settlement!

My perseverance paid off. After giving Matt a summary of the events that occurred with regard to my accident, he agreed to meet with me in person to see if/how he would be able to help. From the very beginning, Matt Uhrig went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met. He was very honest and open with me about where my case stood and informed me of both the strengths we had to work with, and the weaknesses in the case that we would have to deal with along the way. From beginning to end, he made sure that I was fully aware of every update and new piece of information that was received.

While always providing a positive and uplifting message, Matt also made a point to be realistic with me about the possible monetary benefits that I could expect (whether through a court system or through a settlement agreement). Thankful to find such a dedicated attorney, I would have been grateful for anything that I received. So, you can imagine my surprise and delight as we went through the mediation process, and I walked out with nearly twice what I had “realistically expected!”

My good fortune came not only from the strategic planning on Matt’s part that occurred in the months leading up to the mediation, but also in Matt’s willingness to go “as far as it took” to get the best possible outcome. Matt meant it when he told the defense attorney that he had “absolutely no hesitation in taking this case to trial.” As you can see, Matt is “always willing to go the extra mile;” and yes, it is this attitude that separates Matt Uhrig from other attorneys.

Even more impressive than all this, however, is the treatment that I received from Matt after the settlement was complete (and he received his portion of the payment). Although Matt had nothing else to gain, he continued to work with the medical companies who had liens against any settlement money that I received, and ultimately earned me an additional $47,000 on top of what I had already received from the initial settlement!

Even if the settlement had not exceeded all my expectations, I would have recommended Matt Uhrig because of his unceasing integrity, dedication to justice, and genuine sympathy for those that he represents. All these attributes, which make him an admirable person, also work to make him an amazingly effective attorney.

In fact, I was so pleased with the service that Matt provided regarding the car accident, that I (without hesitating) decided to return to him when I realized the need to draw up a will in order to protect the large settlement that Matt worked so diligently to obtain. I have formed a lasting relationship with Matt Uhrig, and will continue to use him for all my legal needs.”


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