Verdicts & Settlements

Results matter. Behind every positive settlement or great verdict is a lot of hard work. Our goal, in every case, is to make something good happen for our clients. Below are examples of how we have helped people recently and over the years.

$2.5 Million Settlement – Clarke v. Cain, Cass County Circuit Court, 05CA-CV00833, 2007

Matt Uhrig obtained the 11th largest settlement in the state of Missouri. Mr. Uhrig, along with Roger Nail of Goza & Honnold and John Lake of the Lake Law Firm, obtained the 11th largest settlement in the State of Missouri in 2007. A drunk driver rear-ended the vehicle Mr. Uhrig’s client, Ms. Clarke, was riding in. Ms. Clarke’s vehicle was forced off the road. She suffered a burst fracture located in the area of her spine and was paralyzed as a result. Mr. Nail represented Ms. Clarke’s daughter.

$600,000 Settlement, Confidential Cass County Residents v. Confidential Nuisance Defendant, 2008

$600,000 Settlement plus $150,000 Attorneys Fees – Matt Uhrig, along with attorney John Coffman represented six homeowners whose home values were significantly diminished due to the construction of a utility facility. Due to a confidentiality agreement required by the defendant, significant details of the lawsuit cannot be disclosed.

$514,887.00 (Estimated) Permanent Total Disability Award - Workers Compensation - Confidential Client v. Second Injury Fund, Cole County, Missouri, 2017

Confidential Client was no longer able to work after suffering a series of injuries in 2007 and 2009. The Second Injury Fund denied​ his claim for Permanent Total Disability. His case was tried in February of 2016 and, while the ALJ found that our client was PTD, the award denied his claim for unpaid benefits.​ We appealed to the Missouri Labor Commission. Decision was handed down in January of 2017 awarding our side $151,225 in unpaid Permanent Total Disability Benefits, plus $485.66 per week for the rest of the client's life.

$360,000 Settlement – Confidential Cass County Resident v. Confidential Nuisance Defendant, 2009

This action relates to the 2008 case discussed above and was a separate settlement for a large landowner. Due to a confidentiality agreement required by the defendant significant details of the lawsuit cannot be disclosed.

$280,000 Settlement – Shaffer v. Confidential Defendant, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, 2008.

Ms. Shaffer was traveling on Interstate 44, when semi tractor-trailer truck, attempting to pass her, entered her lane. Ms. Shaffer was forced off the road and lost control of her Mazda 323. Her vehicle rolled and she suffered a fractured pelvis and collarbone. There was no contact between Ms. Shaffer’s vehicle and the defendant’s vehicle.

$150,000 Settlement - Confidential Plaintiff v. Confidential Operating Table Manufacturer, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, 2010.

The plaintiff was severely injured when the defendant’s operating table collapsed. Plaintiff had just been placed in a Mayfield Head Holder, on the defendant’s operating table, for a sensitive cervical spine surgery. After an investigation by Matt Uhrig and his trial team, it was discovered that hydraulic lines had failed due to their installation by the defendant.

$125,000 Settlement - Karen Jones v. Confidential Defendant, St. Louis City Circuit Court

Ms. Jones fell while descending a flight of stairs at a major downtown St. Louis hotel location. She severely injured her knee. After being told by the hotel managers that the hotel would compensate her for her medical losses, the hotel company refused to take care of Ms. Jones. She hired the Law Office of Matt Uhrig, LLC. The case settled before trial.

$110,000 Settlement – Davis v. Collins, Boone County Circuit Court, Case No. 12BA-CV04707, 2013

Ms. Davis was traveling west on Conley Road, at the Highway 63 Connector, in Columbia, Missouri when the defendant ran through a red light, causing Ms. Davis to collide with the defendant. Ms. Davis suffered an injury to her back. Her doctors recommended back surgery. This case settled after the parties were deposed.

$100,000 Settlement - Confidential Plaintiff v. Confidential Defendant, Macon County, Missouri, 2012

Our client was rear-ended while stopped at a stop light on northbound Highway 63. She suffered a severe cervical spine injury that caused migraine headaches, left arm numbness and problems with her vision. Her medical treatment costs were over $33,000.00.

$79,032.34 Permanent Partial Disability Award - Workers Compensation - Matt Frank v. Integrity Staffing, Jackson County, Missouri, 2015

Mr. Frank, who worked as a temporary laborer, suffered an iinjury to his sterno-clavicular joint resulting in the loss of use of his left arm.

$66,245.38 Judgment/Verdict -Izokpu v. Perkins, Boone County Circuit Court, 05BA-CV00543

Mr. Izokpu suffered a back injury following a low-impact, rear-end car crash. After receiving an offer of only $2,000.00 from Allstate Insurance, the defendant’s insurance carrier, Matt Uhrig tried this case to verdict and obtained a final judgment of over $66,000.00.

$60,975.00 Permanent Total Disability Award - Workers Compensation - James Dotson v. Second Injury Fund, Phelps County, Missouri, 2013

Mr. Dotson, who worked as a diesel mechanic in Cuba, MO, suffered a fracture to his ankle that eventually caused post-surgery deep vein thrombosis. This injury, coupled with a history of debilitating back injuries, resulted in a permanent total disability. Mr. Dotson settled with his employer, prior to the Second Injury Fund hearing, for $40,000, for a total workers compensation award of over $100,000.00.

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