Workers’ Compensation Settlements

We can assist with your claim for work-related injuries.

Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws provide reimbursement for medical care and partial replacement of lost wages, as well as death benefits to any surviving heirs in the unfortunate event that a victim loses their life. Even some incidental expenses like arranging for childcare and ongoing occupational therapy may fall within the employee’s payable benefits.

Here’s how to start your workers’ compensation claim:

If you have been hurt on the job, you should notify your employer immediately to begin the claims process, which starts with these three steps:

  1. The initial phase of your claim will involve an investigation into the nature and extent of your injury to confirm it is work-related, and to determine whether the resulting disability is partial or total and temporary or permanent.

  2. The insurer will assign a medical examiner to evaluate your physical status and to provide a medical opinion regarding the nature and extent of your injury.

  3. If the parties disagree about the medical examiner’s conclusions, there is a process by which you can seek additional evaluations.

Although this seems like a straightforward process, it can be complicated at times. Our office will provide you with dedicated and personalized legal counsel, assisting you with everything from the initial filing process to any appeals that may be needed.

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Workers' comp covers various types of workplace injuries.

While work-related injuries can result from a single catastrophic event, benefits may also be available for conditions that arise from long-term repetitive tasks, such as assembly line work or computer work. Common types of injuries include:

  • Back and knee injuries

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Machinery malfunctions

  • Explosions

  • Falls

  • Toxic chemical exposure

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Electrocution

  • Dismemberment

  • Traumatic brain injuries


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