• $2,500,000.00Settlement

    11th largest settlement in the state of Missouri - Car Accident - Clarke v. Cain

  • $600,000.00Settlement

    Eminent Domain - Confidential Cass County Residents v. Confidential Nuisance Defendant

  • $360,000.00Settlement

    Eminent Domain - Confidential Cass County Resident v. Confidential Nuisance Defendant

  • $280,000.00Settlement

    Serious Injuries - Shaffer v. Confidential Defendant

  • $150,000.00Settlement

    Serious Injuries - Confidential Plaintiff v. Confidential Operating Table Manufacturer

  • $125,000.00Settlement

    Slip and Fall on Stairs - Karen Jones v. Confidential Defendant

Missouri Personal Injury Lawyers

Attorneys Standing Up for Injured Victims Across Missouri

The Law Office of Matt Uhrig is a personal injury law firm that litigates cases for clients throughout Missouri. We are Columbia personal injury lawyers who help accident victims get the compensation they deserve, and protect them from being pushed around by insurance companies. If you have been injured in a car wreck, lost a loved one in an accident, or been hurt on the job, the Law Office of Matt Uhrig can help you.

Experienced Auto and Truck Accident Litigators

Founded in 2008, the Law Office of Matt Uhrig focuses on helping Missourians recover from and seek compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies and corporations know that if they refuse to make our clients whole, we will try the case.

Our Columbia personal injury lawyers have significant experience trying car accident cases. A person injured in an auto accident can file a negligence lawsuit against the person responsible for the crash. These lawsuits generally require the plaintiff to prove that the defendant acted unreasonably behind the wheel. Things like texting, driving drunk, or running a red light are just a few ways in which a driver may have been negligent. A person injured or the family of a person killed by a negligent driver has a right under Missouri law to seek compensation for their injuries or loss.

Persistent Products Liability Lawyers

Consumers should have peace of mind knowing that the products sold in stores are safe for use. Unfortunately, sometimes companies sell products that fail to meet this standard. A person injured by a defective product can file a products liability lawsuit to seek compensation for injuries caused by a faulty pharmaceutical drug, vehicle, or other consumer product.

A strict products liability lawsuit can allege defective design, manufacturer, or marketing. Although the concepts are similar, each alleges a specific defect about the product at issue. A defective design lawsuit alleges that the product was designed in a way that created an unreasonable risk of injury. A manufacturing defect is one that occurred during the manufacture of the product. A marketing defect might be applicable to a product that could be safe, but for which the manufacturer did not provide adequate warnings or instructions.

Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Employees who are injured on the job in Missouri are likely entitled to compensation through the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program. Any employer in Missouri with more than five employees — and all construction industry employers — must carry workers’ compensation insurance. The program compensates injured workers for medical treatment and disabilities, and it provides families with wrongful death benefits should an employee be killed on the job. Several types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, including broken bones, back injuries, loss of limbs, hearing damage, and many others.

An employee injured on the job who is covered by workers’ compensation insurance usually cannot file a civil lawsuit against his employer. However, hiring an attorney is often helpful for an injured worker. An attorney can help if an employee’s claim was denied, if the award is insufficient to cover expenses, or if the injury was caused by defective equipment. Although employers generally cannot be sued for workplace injuries, the manufacturers of defective products may be. An experienced attorney can help you maximize your workers’ compensation benefits and protect your other legal interests.

Hire a Lawyer Willing to Fight the Insurance Companies

We help injured people from Columbia, Jefferson City, and throughout Missouri fight the insurance companies and get their lives back. No matter how you were injured, the Columbia personal injury attorneys of the Law Office of Matt Uhrig can help you hold those responsible for your injuries accountable. Call (573) 657-2050 or email us to see if we can help you. Our case evaluations are always free and confidential.

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